The System In Detail

The Candiwall system is a complete “kit of parts” designed to give you all you need in a one stop shop.

Everything You Need – all in one place.

Whether your project is commercial, domestic, new-build, renovation or refurbishment, Candiwall has all you need, all in one place.  Our offer to you is flexible in that you can buy the full system complete with our own range of brick slips, or you can buy just the Candiwall Board, Fixings and Adhesive.  If this isn’t quite right for you, we can even offer mainland UK customers a brick cutting service.  This gives you ultimate flexibility in that you can achieve virtually any brick finish you like.   Whatever level of purchase you make you can rest assured that the finished job will be indistinguishable from a solid brick wall.

The whole Candiwall range of brick slips can be seen on the Brick Slips page of this website.

Candiwall XPS Insulation System is available in the following thicknesses (excluding brick slips):-  30mm; 40mm; 50mm; 60mm; 80mm; 100mm; 120mm

Typical Thermal Conductivity = 0.035W/mK

UK BBA Certification is in place and a copy of the certificate can be found in the download section of this website.  Certificate number 16/5317



The insulation board is XPS (extruded polystyrene) which is highly water resistant, which means it can  be installed at or below ground level.   It is not possible to do this with polyurethane (PUR) or polyisocyanurate (PIR) boards.  All  Candiwall boards have a lap joint which means that you can maintain the thermal performance at the board joints without the need for taping the boards together.  The boards are available to suit either 65mm high or 50mm high slips.


Mechanical fixings are supplied depending on the substrate.  Spikes for Masonry and galvanised screws for timber frame.  Both of these fixings are purpose made and prevent cold bridging.  The ingenious sleeves provided ensure that


Specially formulated water resistant cement based Candiwall Adhesive is supplied to bond Candiwall Boards to masonry substrates, and to bond your brick slips to the insulation.  This adhesive has a significant advantage over some of the competition in that it can be mixed to the exact consistency required as the job progresses and can even be used in damp conditions if needed.  This can’t be done with gun applied adhesives.


Candigres is a well respected and efficient manufacturer based in Portugal and has been making bricks and brick slips for over 20 years now.  They have developed a range of slips that compliment the Candiwall System very well and you can see the full range on the Brick Slips page of this website.


Candiwall Jointing Mortar can be supplied with your order or you can source the exact mortar of your choice.  This gives you ultimate flexibility in the finish you need as the correct choice of mortar is paramount in the effect of the overall finish.


Candiwall aluminium starter rail is not supplied as standard, but can be added to your order if you wish.  The Candiwall starter rail is notched to accept the bottom row of boards in you build and forms the launch point for all the boards as you progress up the building.  When installing this rail it is vital that it is level.  We advise that you spend as much time on this element as you need, because it is here that the whole job is set out.


Our downloads page will help with many of your questions, but if you would prefer to talk to us, then please get in touch by phone or send us an e-mail with an outline of the help you need and we will call you back to help you as much as we can.