Light Weight Metal Frame Structure

Candiwall can be used very successfully on light weight metal frame structures.   To be able to use Candiwall effectively the metal frame must have a minimum 15mm sheathing board attached to the metal uprights.  Using the guidelines shown in our Installation Manual, it is possible to achieve the appearance of a traditional solid brick wall but with added insulation performance.  This case study shows how a large existing open porch area was made in to an internal living space.  The existing structural steels were left in place and new light weight metal framing was used to create external walls that were then sheathed with OSB board, Candiwall and real clay Burnham Smooth Buff brick slips.  The finished facade gives a traditional feel whilst being cost effective in build, saving money due to the speed of construction compared with traditional methods.

The original space being prepared to receive the light weight metal framing.
Sheathing Board going on to lightweight metal frame
Candiwall XPS Insulation Board being attached to the structural steel framing through the sheathing board
From the top down, Candiwall Burnham Smooth Buff stretcher slips being applied to the Candiwall XPS board using the specially formulated Candiwall Adhesive
The end result. A new interior space created easily and quickly using Candiwall XPS with Burnham Smooth Buff Slips and special feature heads and cills.