Modular Off Site Housing

Candiwall is absolutely ideal for use in off site builds.  This example shows just how effective Candiwall can be when used in this increasingly popular sector.  The Candiwall board was applied in the factory and the houses delivered to site on the back of a lorry.  The slips were then completed on site ensuring that they were all properly bedded using the Candiwall adhesive.  By using this adhesive, you can enjoy some real advantages over most competitor’s products.  Even though it’s not possible to use the Candiwall adhesive in driving rain or snow, it is possible to use it on damp XPS Candiwall and damp slips. This is possible because it is a specially formulated cementitious based adhesive that will form a structural bond even in damp conditions.  It is not possible to do this using gun applied adhesives on plastic faced insulation boards.  Contractors have told us time and time again that they like the ability to be able to move forward with the Candiwall build in typical UK weather conditions when the use of gun applied adhesives would otherwise have stopped the build.