Candiwall is an extremely easy to use system, but we are sure that you will have plenty of questions if you are about to embark on a project where Candiwall is under consideration.  We have looked at some of the more common queries and have set them out here for you.  If we haven’t quite satisfied your curiosity then do please give us a call and we will help you all we can either on the phone or with a site visit.

If you would like to print out the FAQ’s below, then please click here

What makes Candiwall unique?
Candiwall is a fully integrated Brick Slip Carrier System made from Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) and includes all requisite mechanical fixings and comes complete with a uniquely formulated specialised adhesive. It has no plastic carrier sheet which eliminates a potential failure risk. It is very easy to use and has excellent thermal performance with almost no water absorption, which means that once installed, Candiwall will continue to perform at the optimum level for the life of the building.

Where can I use it?
Pretty much anywhere. Candiwall can be used successfully both internally and externally on commercial or residential projects of all types. New Builds, Refurbishments and Renovations using Timber Frames, SIPS, Steel Frames or Masonry construction methods, Candiwall is a versatile and easy to use system that works well in many situations.

Does it have BBA Certification?
Yes – for masonry applications. Certificate number 16/5317 available online at www.candiwall.net/technical-downloads

What is the maximum height for safe use?                                                                                                                                        Candiwall is certificated for use on buildings up to but not exceeding 18 meters in height in England (regional variations may apply. Please contact the Candiwall Help Desk for further help if required).  We do not recommend that it be used above this limit.  It is further recommended that the designer refers to the relevant test data for further guidance on wind-load resistance for exposed locations.  Details available on request.

The system has been successfully tested for fire performance and further information is available elsewhere within these FAQs.

Can I use Candiwall in exposed and coastal locations?                                                                                                                    Yes you can.  Candiwall has commissioned special testing for exposed and coastal locations.   A full copy of the report is available from the Candiwall Technical Help desk giving details of enhanced mechanical fixings patterns.  Please get in touch by phone or e-mail to obtain a copy.

Has Candiwall been tested for fire performance?
Yes it has, and it has a certificate which can be downloaded on our website www.candiwall.net/downloads It achieves Classification B-s1-d0. The classification was carried out in accordance with clause 11 of EN-13501-1 + A1 2009 Sept 2009.  The test was carried out using 120mm Candiwall attached to a timber substrate using both 65mm high and 50mm high brick slips from the standard Candiwall range.

Is there a need for a cavity in the wall design?
The Candiwall BBA certification is based on application to masonry without a cavity. As part of our continuous product development programme, we are looking at the necessity for a cavity in the wall design. It is our intention is to carry out an additional product test for application without a cavity on a timber frame on the basis that existing tests and inherent product design render XPS virtually impervious to water. All existing weathertightness tests successfully demonstrate that Candiwall will withstand water ingress and a cavity is not necessarily required.
However certain warranty providers, eg NHBC and others currently insist on the inclusion of a cavity to allow drainage in the event of water ingress from poor detailing/installation at interfaces or in the event of interstitial condensation. The designer should therefore satisfy themselves that the system and preferred method of wall construction is acceptable to the project-specific warranty provider.

How long will it last?
The BBA certificate gives an expected life of at least 30 years. (The longest possible under current BBA tests) Candiwall was subjected to a rigorous accelerated aging test and showed no signs of deterioration.
Again, as part of our on-going product development, independent tests are being carried out to further verify this result.
Any such lifetime warranty assumes good building design, good site workmanship during installation and reasonable levels of building maintenance.

What about thermal performance?
Candiwall is made from Extruded Polystyrene which has a thermal conductivity of 0.034W/mK or 0.035W/mK depending on thickness of material, giving an R value of 0.588(m2)/W at 30mm thickness and 3.158 (m2K)W at 120mm thickness. Please be aware that as Candiwall is virtually impervious to water this performance does not deteriorate over time, unlike some other materials. Further details can be found in our online brochure or in the relevant downloads on our website www.candiwall.net

How is Candiwall Installed?
Using a straight forward step by step method, Candiwall can be installed on to a variety of substrates. Brief details are available in our online brochure with further, full details in our installation manual again available on line at www.candiwall.net/downloads If you would prefer a “hands-on” approach to learning we offer regular training courses held at our facilities in East Sussex, or perhaps an on site “tool-box” talk or a CPD style presentation might suit you best. If you would like one of these “face to face” options, just let us know and we will help all we can.

Can I see a sample?
Of course. General samples are roughly “A4” size and are made from 25mm Candiwall. An example of a slip is adhered to the board just so you can see how it all works. Don’t forget that we have full information on our website www.candiwall.net as well.

How many slips do I need?
Because Candiwall is available in two track heights there are two answers to this question. If you are using special order 50mm high gauge you will need 76 slips per m2 and 17 corner slips per lin mtr. If you are using the more popular 65mm high standard UK gauge height you will need 60 slips per m2 and 14 corner slips per lin mtr. This all assumes that the slips are standard size 215mm or 220mm long

What about matching slips and the bricks I want?
This is where Candiwall can really help, you are not locked in to any specific brick slip. So long as the slip you are want is 50mm or 65mm high, you can use pretty much anything you like. Candiwall will accept manufactured or cut slips. This means that if you are adding an extension to an existing property, so long as a matching brick can be obtained, even if it is not available as a slip, it can be cut and used with ease with the Candiwall System.

Why should I use Candiwall?
• Unique, specially formulated adhesive system that allows application in damp conditions and a wide temperature range. Speeds application – saves money.
• Easy to handle board size of 1250mm x 600mm.
• Lap jointed XPS boards – No need to use sticky tape to join boards together on site.
• BBA Accreditation for masonry applications
• Available in standard 65mm or 50mm gauge (50mm gauge to special order)
• Candiwall XPS is virtually impervious to water – no loss of insulation performance over time and transference of damp is eliminated.
• No secondary plastic applied track to take slips. This eliminates the risk of adhesive failure of the facing material and aids adhesion of slips to the Candiwall XPS board.
• Thermal conductivity of 0.035W/mK
• Thicknesses from 25mm to 120mm available. 25mm board with 65mm gauge available from UK stock.
• Accepts manufactured or cut slips up to 25mm thick at 65mm or 50mm high.
• Full technical back-up available through website downloads and site visits, if required.
Is Candiwall a pre-fabricated panel?
No, it comes as kit of parts which is site installed using a specially formulated adhesive and mechanical fixings. A full installation manual is available on-line to help, but if you would like to use a registered installer, do please get in touch and we will give you names of skilled tradesmen happy to work in your local area.

How do I get a price?
By getting in touch with us by e-mail sales@candiwall.net We will need to know the overall area in m2, the thickness of board you intend to use, the substrate you are fixing to; e.g. timber frame, SIPS, steel frame or masonry. We will also need the site address and any special delivery requirements. If you would like a quote for Candiwall slips – we will also need to know how many 90 degree corner slips you will need.

What are your normal delivery times?
Most orders are delivered by pallet carrier. UK stock deliveries are usually made within 2 weeks from receipt of payment. Special orders can take up to 6 weeks if the material has to be made. If you are ordering brick slips as well as Candiwall items then it may be possible to deliver all the goods at the same time on one of our own vehicles. Please get in touch to discuss any special requirements such as tail lift deliveries.

Can I get everything I need from one place?
Yes, you can. We offer Candiwall starter rails, bagged pointing mortars in the most popular colours, Pointing Guns, Pointing Bags. Just let us know what you need and we will help, if we can – even down to special length fixings if required. Don’t forget that you get a routing tool with each order.

How is it supplied to site and where do you deliver?
Products come to site in a co-ordinated delivery. Candiwall boards, adhesive and fixings all come shrink-wrapped on pallets. Please let us know if you need a mechanical offload delivery or whether you have “on site” mechanical off-loading capability. We generally deliver to the UK mainland but can deliver to pretty much anywhere.